Finasteride Tablets


Some aspects of the prostate have a lot in common with the sexual function in men. Firstly, these diseases can influence each other. Very often, men with the problems of the urinary function cannot be sexually active. Another common thing is that an operation on the prostate has impotence as a side effect. It means that when you have one disease, another occurs by itself. However, it can happen in many men, but not in everyone. Some men can have the same sexual potency and abilities with the removed prostate.
The risk factors for impotence and BPH are also similar. The first factor that is very widespread among the patients is their age. Unfortunately, such process as aging is inevitable for every person on the Earth. As you know, the older organism means the bigger set of the problems. Still, the young men can also have the conditions that are not inherent to their age. It can be due to the bad habits, obesity, problems with the hormonal level, diabetes and other health condition that affect a male body greatly.

propIn the case of BPH, a man at the age of sixty and more is endangered to have the diseases connected with the prostate state. The same is with hair loss. If we compare the age factors of both diseases, erectile dysfunction is much younger, and, therefore, it is much dangerous. The age of impotence is forty years. But, as it was mentioned above, this disease can occur even in a man at the age of eighteen. So, one has to care for the general state and avoid alcohol, smoking and unhealthy food products. What is another risk factor of the enlarged prostate? One of the things that cannot be changed is the genetic code. This aspect can be significant in the development of a fetus as, very often, a baby has the same set of the diseases as its father or other close relatives.
The case of the prostate health is not an exception. If a father or a grandfather or any other relative has the prostate problems such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, you have the high chances to suffer from the same disease. The nationality plays a significant role in the disease history. Some people are more likely to suffer from the particular disease. The prostate diseases are very common for black men. Moreover, they may have the symptoms of BPH in younger age comparing with Asian men. Of course, the sexual function, hair growth and the prostate are greatly affected by diabetes and cardiac diseases. This is another risk factor for these health conditions.
What about the lifestyle? This aspect is important for every vital function of a human body. The healthy habits can make an organism stronger and more stable to the different diseases and infectious disorders. However, the bad habits can only help a certain disease to affect a body. The intake of the unhealthy food products, passive way of live, stressful environment and addictions can result in the problems with an erection and the prostate.


The following “disease” is not considered to be a disease at all. Hair loss is even more widespread than erectile dysfunction and the enlarged prostate. However, its treatment is optional. Some factors that lead to ED and BPH can lead to baldness as well. Such condition as the hormonal imbalance, for example, often influences hair growth and the hair follicles in general. What to do to restore the hair? One common helpful tip for all diseases is the healthy diet. Many fruits and vegetables can impact the state of your general health in a positive way. Another variant is the intake of propecia generic that is one of the most popular medicines used to treat pattern baldness in men.



This chemical element is widely known under the brand name Propecia. Despite its availability online or at a drugstore, this medicine cannot be bought without the doctor’s prescription. One has to prescribe the dosage in a hospital. The intake of Propecia can increase your risk of the prostate cancer. So, it is required to check the prostate during the therapy course. If you suffer from depression, buy Paroxetine drugs. These medicines affect the chemicals in the brain.


The usage of Finasteride has to be realized according to the doctor’s prescription. Usually, Propecia is taken for a month or two. It is better to take a tablet at the same time every day. One has to take a pill with a glass of water. The intake of food does not influence the effect of Propecia. If you experience premature ejaculation, try Dapoxetine pills. The maximum dose of this inhibitor is 60 mg.


One may feel dizziness, a mild headache, nausea, swelling, libido loss, abnormal ejaculation and impotence. You can find out about Propecia contraindications in the table below.

Drug Contraindications Interaction
Finasteride prostate cancer, a bladder muscle disorder, Finasteride allergy, liver disease some vitamins, herbs, drugs with Finasteride, other pills for baldness cure

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